Frequently asked questions.

Q: How can I prepare for my wedding, to create the best environment for a killer wedding film? 

A: Be you! I create your film to be a direct reflection of your love, and personalities. Encourage the guests who are giving speeches to talk about your love story, the challenges you've gone through as a couple and what they love about you. This helps me to tell your story from multiple sources. add more time than you think you need between events, to leave room for sweet moments, and time together (especially on the dance floor!) Often the inbetween moments feel the most authentic. 

Q: How do you record the audio for our ceremony and speeches? 

A: I use a combonation of things - small lav mics, like they use in the movies and connecting my audio recorder to your dj's deck to capture any audio they are playing through speakers.  

Q: Who will my second videographer be?

A: I collaborate with a few local videographers who I have trained to capture weddings along side me.

Q: Can I choose the music for my wedding film?

A: in your pre-wedding questionnaire there is a spot for music inspiration. I also use the music i hear on your day to choose the soundtrack for your film. if you would like to choose a song for your film, i use the website "music bed" to license music. please visit the site and let me know if you would like something specific. i am not able to use most popular music due to copywrite laws. 


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